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deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai



deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai
deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai

A deluge fire sprinkler system is similar to a pre-action system except the pipe is not pressurized with air and all sprinkler heads in these systems open at a time. During the operation of a smoke or heat detection system, a deluge valve opened in Deluge systems which is connected to a water supply. When the detection system is activated water discharges through all of the sprinkler heads in the system.

Deluge systems application comes in places that are examined as high hazard areas such as chemical storage, processing facilities, aircraft hangars, and power plants. Deluge systems are installed where high-velocity suppression is required to prevent fire risk.
In conventional Fire Sprinkler Systems only one sprinkler head opens during a fire risk at a particular area whereas in Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems all fire sprinkler heads employed in the system are open and when water is delivered into the system it flows from every discharge device.
As a result, this special type of system is generally applied within industrial type hazards that need the application of water over a large area. The control of water in these systems is by the Deluge Valve which arrests water from entering the piping system until required, this accomplishes the duty of the deluge valve to control water.
The deluge valve opening is initiated by the detection system which includes a smoke detector, heat detector, and flame detector when a fire or fire risk occurs. All system piping is filled with water that discharges from the open sprinklers and nozzles used in the system.

Some of the deluge systems will include the use of a foam concentrate to mix with water which takes shape into a solution called foam solution which will form a protective blanket of foam to help reduce or stop a fire or fire risk in addition to the application of water.

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Advantages of Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

Deluge Fire systems are started electricalistlly, hydraulically pneumatically and these systems distribute water in every part of the nonrepresentational zone with open fire sprinkler heads. In these way this Fireplug systems extinguishes fires quickly and prevents habitations from fire risk. Some of the advantages of Deluge Fire systems.

  • Reduces fumes and stick together the contaminants
  • Allows large open areas and thus a safer use of the premises.
  • Minimizes the damage caused by fire and reduces downtime, safeguards the future of your business.
  • After a fire, these water spray system is rapidly restored to ready mode.
  • High flexibility in design, installation and execution.
  • Uses water, available unlimited quantities at a very low price and even it is a natural fire extinguishing agent.
deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai
deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai

Protection offered by Deluge Fire Systems

At Blue Flame Firefighting we install Deluge Fire Sprinkler systems to safeguard extra hazard habitations that require sufficiently great amounts of water to cool, reduce or control the growth of a fire or fire risk. In most cases, Deluge Fire Sprinkler systems are applied on hazards that contain low flash point flammable liquids or hazards with huge amounts of combustible liquids. These types of hazards may include,

  • Transformers
  • Vessel or tank protection
  • Oil extraction processes
  • Protection of large Aircraft Hangers 
  • Distillation processes.

Here in this system, the heat sensing materials present in the automatic sprinklers have been removed which will make sprinklers to work as open sprinklers, so when the signal from alarm systems reaches the deluge valve, this valve will be opened. The type of fire alarm commencing device is selected mainly based on the hazard that is optical flame detectors,heat detectors or smoke detectors.

The initiation device will send the signals to the fire alarm control panel, which again send the signals to the deluge valve to open.Activation in this systems can also be manual, depending on the system objectives. Manual activation is usually through a pneumatic or an electric or fire alarm pull station, which send signals to the fire alarm control panel, again end the signals to the deluge valve to open.

deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai
deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai

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Our Foam Fire Suppression Services in Dubai

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