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What is vesda system

VESDA system in Dubai, its a laser based smoke detector, which means this is an advanced smoke detector! For a long time VESDA smoke detectors have been operating in special applications of fire detection. VESDA Systems are aspirating smoke detection used in the firefighting industry for early warning applications where response to a flame or smoke is critical. VESDA smoke detectors hold more certifications when compared with other smoke detectors in the firefighting industry in Dubai, UAE.

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 Operation of vesda System


VESDA system working starts by continually sucking up air into the pipe network through a high-efficiency aspirator. And a small amount of this air is then passed through a dual-stage filter. The initial stage removes dirt and dust from the air sample before it permits the sample air to enter the laser detection chamber for smoke detection. The second stage again helps in providing an extra clean air supply to keep the detector’s optical surfaces free from dust and dirt that is contamination, which makes sure of longer detector life and stable calibration. The air sample is passed to the calibrated detection chamber after passing through the filter where this air is exposed to a laser source. The presence of smoke makes the light scatter within the detection chamber and is immediately identified by the highly sensitive receiver system. The signal is then sent to an alarm threshold indicator, bar graph display, and graphic display. The VESDA detectors in fire systems are able to pass this information to relays or a High-Level Interface then to a fire alarm control panel, a software or building management system

Where to use vesda systems in UAE 

VESDA system delivers maximum protection across a wide range of industries and applications in Dubai, UAE:

  • Cold Storage
  • Records Storage
  • Marine industry
  • Oil & Gas fields
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Accommodation –(Hotels, Apartments, Offices and Shops)
  • Warehousing
  • Portable Switch Rooms
  • Transportation
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cultural/Heritage
  • Data & Telecom industries
  • Insurance
  • Power Generation rooms

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