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Fire damper in Dubai. Fire Damper is one of the important fire protection product which is extensively used in HVAC which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts to stop or prevent the spread of fire through the ducts to nearby fire-resistance rated walls and floors. Fire and smoke dampers are similar to fire dampers when it comes in terms of prevention or stoppage of spreading smoke inside the ducts as well as fire resistance ratings.

In normal conditions fire dampers are inert, simply permitting the flow of air through them. But when a fire breaks,they get activated. They shut down the duct passage, blocking the duct and resisting flow of fire or smoke from one area to another for a period of up to a  specified time. This allows the occupants to escape from the risk area.

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Working of fire Dampers in Dubai, UAE

A fire damper starts working when the fire occurs in a room, temperature at the room starts to rise to about 165 degrees Fahrenheit from the normal temperature. The fusible link attached to the damper starts to melt at this temperature, causing the damper’s door to shut down. Higher degree fusible link should be attached to the damper where the normal temperature of the room is comparatively higher. Fusible links used at these areas would start to melt at a temperature about 212 Fahrenheit. To prevent the spread of fire, there are two types of fire dampers, a static fire damper and dynamic fire damper. 


Static fire damper is placed in horizontal barriers where the HVAC system fan will stop working in case of a fire risk. These particular fire dampers are usually installed in horizontal barriers, and would have a design similar to curtain. Since the HVAC system fan will stop working, air pressure will be nearly reduced to zero and the door of the damper will shut down/fall down due to gravity.


Dynamic fire damper is placed in vertical barriers, where the HVAC system fan will be still working in case of a fire risk. These particular fire dampers are usually installed in vertical barriers, and would have a design similar to loaded spring. When the dampers are forced to shut, doors of the damper have a spring like action due to the spring loaded design. Since the HVAC system fan will remain on, the air pressure caused due to the fa n will help the doors of the damper to spring shut. By understanding how a fire damper works can help you have a better knowledge of why repairing and inspecting fire dampers are so strictly encouraged. It takes only about 30 seconds for a small fire to grow and become a major fire. By stopping or blocking the routes of flames, the fire will be restricted to one specific location.

fire Damber in Dubai
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fire Damber in Dubai
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