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fire rated doors in Dubai
Fire rated doors in Dubai

A fire door is a door which is able to stand resisting the fire for a specific period of time. This fire-rated door is used as a part of a passive fire protection system to decrease the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable people to move out safely. Fire-rated doors are constructed with a unique manufacturing process that contains fire-rated materials and these doors are designed to offer fire resistance.

If you need fire-rated doors or fire related services in Dubai, Sharjah,Abu Dhabi, UAE. we supply fire rated doors in various sizes according to customer requirements in UAE

Fire Rated Steel Doors in Dubai

In our daily life, Fire Rated Doors play an important role in limiting the damage and danger of fires. We supply hollow metal doors which are excellent at reducing the flames and smoke of fires. Hollow metal fire doors provide the appropriate level of fire resistance at a high quality and cost-effective package possible. We provide first class products and excellent service for our customers. 

Building regulations in Dubai, UAE specify the requirements for doors to protect people for a minimum time indifferent areas of the building, expressed in minutes, 30, 60, 90 or 120.Our heavy-duty, reinforced steel doors are supplied for the use in Commercial, Residential and Industrial applications. These Steel doors are available in Single or Double panel configuration along with frames prepared for installation in, Steel or Wood and Masonry stud construction.


  • Fire Rating can be achieved from timing 1 – 3 hours.
  • Single Doors from size Width 650-1500 mm X Height 1500-3000 mm is available.
  • Double Doors from size Width 1200-3000 mm X Height 1500-3000 mm is available.
  • Fire rated doors and frames are made with galvanized steel and then powder coated to gain the required color.
fire rated steel door in dubai

Fire Rated Wooden Doors in Dubai

We provide wooden fire doors that control and reduce the spread of fire and smoke for up to 2 hours (120 Minutes). In addition, each door maintains the charm of genuine wood, like any other architectural door. Fire rated wooden doors is produced from a number of panel configurations and different species. Our available product includes a wide variety of wood type options like Cherry,Mahogany, Beech wood, Meranti, Ash, Teak wood, Walnut, Oak wood, or any other wood species according to your requirements. At Blue Flame Firefighting, we provide fire rated doors to fit your specific needs in custom door sizes, designs.


  • Single Doors are available in size ranging from Width 650-1214 mm X Height 1500-2743mm.
  • Double Doors are available in size ranging from Width 1200-2438 mm X Height 1500-2743mm.
  • Blue Flame Firefighting provide fire rated doors in the following ranges, FD30, FD45, FD60, FD90 & FD 120.
  • Door thickness varying from 35 mm to 65 mm thick are available at Blue Flame Firefighting depending on client requirements.
fire rated wooden door in dubai

Blue Flame Firefighting engineer sand technicians are committed to provide technical information in areas related to fire rated doors and frames.Our team is always ready to do customized job,site visits and project approvals for our customers.

we also supply fire rated wooden doors. 

If you need fire rated doors or fire related services in Dubai, Sharjah,Abu Dhabi, UAE