DCD (Dubai Civil Defence) approved annual maintenance contract fire Systems

Dubai Civil Defense Approved Company in Dubai


we supply all kinds of fire extinguishers in Dubai. Blue flame firefighting is a leading supplier of co2  fire extinguisher in Dubai. we are also doing refilling and maintenance of fire extinguisher in Dubai and in other emirates of UAE.  We are the largest supplier of  CO 2 and DCP fire extinguisher  cylinders in united Arab emirates.

CO2 Fire Suppression System

Carbon dioxide or CO2 system is the most effective fire suppression system on the market today. It puts out a fire by cooling and reducing the oxygen level to a point where combustion cannot occur. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire suppression system is very adaptable and effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials and approved for Class A, B and C hazards. Approved by UAE Civil Defence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why CO2 Fire extinguisher are mandatory in UAE ?

As per civil difference regulations of UAE Fire extinguisher are mandatory in all buildings in UAE.

Where we can buy CO2 fire extinguishers in Dubai ?

We are leading supplier of fire extinguisher in Dubai .contact us to buy CO2 fire extinguishers . Also online order can be placed to deliver the DCP and CO2 Fire extinguishers at your door steps. co2-fire-extinguisher-in-Dubai

Are you doing CO2 fire extinguisher maintenance and refilling in Dubai ?

Yes, at blue flame fire fighting we are doing refilling and maintenance of fire extinguishers. we collect cylinders from the customers and refill them and deliver

can we buy CO2 fire extinguisher products online using credit/debit cards in UAE ?

yes, you can order the products online. so kindly contact us more details.

What class is a CO2 fire extinguisher?

It extinguishes the fire by taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle along with the removal of heat with its cold discharge. It is used on class B and C fires.

How to use CO2 Fire extinguisher

How to use CO2 Fire extinguisher

  1. Step

    Check that the safety pin is not bent

  2. step

    Ensure you remain a safe distance from the fire and remove the safety pin (Fig.2) this will break the tamper seal

  3. step

    Do not hold the horn, unless it is a frost-free horn, as it becomes extremely cold during use and can lead to severe frost burns. Only purchase CO2 extinguishers with frost-free horns to prevent this from happening.

  4. step

    Aiming the extinguisher:
    Flammable liquids: Aim the horn at the base of the fire and move across the area. Be careful not to splash the burning liquid with the powerful jet of the CO2 extinguisher.
    Electrical equipment: Switch off the power (if safe to do so) and then direct the hose straight at the fire

  5. step

    Squeeze the lever slowly to begin discharging the extinguisher, as the fire starts to diminish carefully move closer to i. Please note that a CO2 extinguisher only has a very short discharge time.

  6. step

    Ensure all the fire has been extinguished as re-ignition is possible when a CO2 extinguisher has been used

Watch our instruction video to know How to use CO2 fire extinguishers in Dubai