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What is a Wireless smoke detector?

Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm starts working by creating an interconnected fire alarm system, that is if one alarm is triggered, all the other wireless smoke alarms within its circle will also make a siren sound. In case of emergency, the alarm will be transmitted from one detector to other detector and you will be alerted instantly. This increases the protection of your life, commodities and your family.

Main advantage of Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm is that installation takes place without the cost and disturbance of wiring. Use this smoke detector to replace an existing old smoke alarm and then install additional Wireless smoke alarms for an interconnected security network. This hardwired smoke detector can connect and keep a connection with up to 18 compatible alarms, so when one alarm is triggered,the entire network reacts. An integrated battery backup ensures the smoke alarm is able to work without any hassles about power failure problems.

What are the types of smoke alarms

There are two types of smoke alarms:

Ionization type detectors:

  • These alarms detect flaming type of fires very rapidly.
  • These alarms also detect smoke produced by kitchen grease, loosely packed light combustibles, and flammable liquids.

Photoelectric type detectors:

  • These alarms slow burning type of flames and smoldering types of flames.
  • These alarms also detect smoke caused by cigarettes burning in bedding and furniture’s.

What is a smoke alarm

A smoke alarm is a device that connects smoke detectors and a loud alarm together in one unit. The alarm starts giving a siren type sound if it detects smoke in huge amounts, or a fire.A smoke alarm, when properly installed, inspected, and maintained periodically gives you an early warning of a fire risk, which saves your life and important belongings

wireless smoke detector in dubai

Advantages of using WirelessSmoke Detectors

  • Battery Backup for Continuous operation

In the event of a power failures, the wireless smoke detector is still able to work by the use of 2 AA battery backup. An indicator sound is produced when the batteries need to be changed.

  • Photoelectric Sensor in Wireless Smoke Detector Warns of Smoldering Fires

Wireless Smoke Detector comes combined with a photoelectric sensor to provide the initial warning of fire risk. The sensor is specially designed to detect larger smoke particles resulting from smoldering fires, which is caused from  un extinguished cigarettes. It also separates real threats and smoke/fire produced during cooking, showering, and other daily activities,helping reduce the number of false alarms

  • Test and Silence Button

Silence Button has been included to give a dual purpose of muting a disturbance creating alarms and for inspection of your alarm.

  • Battery Access Door

The addition of a Battery Access Door adds to the advantage to change a battery without any hassles and burdens.

  • Inter connectivity for Vast Areas

The hardwired smoke detector can be connected to other compatible BRK and wireless smoke detectors for larger buildings such as office buildings, schools, apartments and dormitories. These devices can connect up to18 compatible devices up to 6 compatible devices like horns or repeaters and 12smoke detectors.

This motive of this product is to make user-friendly for non-professional to install.

Features of Wireless Smoke Detectors Are

  • Mute button helps in muting unwanted alarms rapidly. It also inspects alarm functioning with same button.
  • Photoelectric smoke sensors provide optimal protection from smoldering type fires, which helps in reducing false alarms which is caused because of shower steam and cooking fires.
  • Wireless smoke detectors, can be connected up to 18 interconnect alarms in your building and when one starts beeping, they all starts beeping so entire area is warned.
  • Contains battery access door, no need to remove alarm from ceiling to do a battery change.
  • Battery backup provides continuous protection for our life and building during power outages.
  • Loud sound with 85db alarm.
  • Loud sound with 85db alarm and 2 AA batteries included.
  • Theft-prevention lock can be included optionally, when activated, this restrains batteries and/oral arm from removing without proper tools.
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH)= 5 x 2 x 5 inches.
  • It’s an Eco-friendly product, completely recyclable as an electronic device.
  • Contains battery access door, no need to remove alarm from ceiling to do a battery change.
  • Meets UL217 standard perfectly.

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