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Emergency Exit light in Dubai is required for maintaining a safer environment in the event of a fire risk or an emergency. Emergency exit lights also help to enable safe evacuation from the area, to maintain order, prevent occupants from being panic , However regular inspections and repairs on emergency exit lights which helps you ensure your emergency lighting is operating in a proper and safe manner.

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Emergency Lighting Inspection And Processing

Our Emergency Lighting Inspection Engineers:

  • Inspect for correct location and quantity of lights as per occupancy rate.
  • Inspect and Verify proper charging voltage of unit.
  • Inspect units for proper installation and for secure mounting.
  • Perform load tests of batteries with devices called electronic load simulator.
  • Test in place, utilizing the built in test switch that simulates a power outage.
  • Inspect bulbs for proper operation and illumination at right time.

Jurisdictions of some area require a 90-minute discharge test per NFPA that can be provided at an additional cost.

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One of the most common and most heavily regulated forms of emergency lighting, it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of reliable emergency exit signs. Whether you’re looking for a classic model at the most affordable price, a contemporary alternative to more traditional fixtures, or a heavy-hitting industrial grade option, we have everything to suit exterior and interior space.


Another very popular type of emergency lighting is the illuminated fire exit signs which light up to show you where the exits are. There are a number of different types of fire signage that can be illuminated using emergency lighting.

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When it comes to emergency lighting, many customers have specific needs. we’re sensitive to these concerns, and look forward to meeting your specific needs with the highest level of customer service, product selection, and expert support in the industry. Servicing buildings,businesses, facilities, and organizations in Dubai and all over UAE.

Emergency lighting supplier in  UAE

At Blue Flame Firefighting, we are experts in serving businesses and government buildings around Dubai, UAE which helps you to ensure your emergency lighting system’s bulbs, battery charging systems, batteries, and other hardware receive the required service they need so they’ll perform when you need them.testing, inspection, and maintenance of your emergency lighting system in Dubai,Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi, UAE will ensure:

  • Facility security will be streamlined
  • Lights will work during an emergency situation
  • System downtime will be minimized
  • Emergency evacuation from your building will be safe
  • Costs from injury will be reduced
  • Costs from claims will be reduced

When and where do emergency exit lighting systems become necessary?

Emergency Exit Lighting systems

  • Escape Route Lighting – This lighting system illuminates the escape routes in a building, allowing for a quick evacuation.
  • Public Buildings– Large public facilities with a lot of visitors, such as shopping malls, airports, museums, and so on. These public areas require Emergency Exit lights since most visitors are unaware of escape routes, resulting in mass panic during an emergency.
  • High-risk task lighting is a specific type of emergency lighting provided to ensure the safety of people involved in a potentially dangerous process or situation. It must be sufficient to enable the requisite shut-down procedures to be implemented. This type of lighting will only apply across a limited range of scenarios.

Emergency Exit Lighting Systems should be installed near to the below-mentioned locations

  • Stairways
  • Each exit door
  • Escape routes
  • Intersection of corridors
  • Outside each final exit and on external escape routes
  • Changes in floor level
  • Emergency escape signs
  • Windowless rooms and toilet
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire alarm call points
  • Equipment that would need to be shut down in an emergency
  • Lifts
  • Areas in premises greater than 60m²

Emergency and Exit Lighting Systems Types

Self-Contained Emergency and Exit Lighting.

In the self-contained systems, each
emergency and exit light has its own
backup power source, traditionally a
battery. This kind of system is the
most applicable in such buildings,
where the maintenance of the
batteries, located in each luminaire,
can be arranged with reasonable

Central Battery Emergency and Exit Lighting.

central battery system
for emergency lighting means,
that the backup power source for
the emergency and exit lights is
provided centrally.

Central Monitoring Emergency and Exit Lighting.

A central monitoring system
monitors all individual components
of an emergency lighting system,
and gathers all collected information
to a single location. This makes
monitoring the system fast and easy,
no matter how complicated the
location is. The system also records
data about performed tests.

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