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Manual call points In Dubai


Manual call points are designed for the purpose of raising an alarm manually once verification of a fire or emergency condition exists, by operating the push button or break glass the alarm signal can be raised. They are usually connected to a central fire alarm panel which is in turn connected to an alarm system in the building.

A manual call point, also known as an MCP is a call point or fire point in the fire and safety industry. They are used to enable building residents to signify that there is a fire or other emergency inside the building. They are normally linked to the central fire alarm screen, which is then connected to the alarm system in the building, and also to the local fire brigade dispatcher.

Manual Call Points in Dubai
Manual Call Points in Dubai

What is a Manual call point (MCP) in a fire alarm system?

Manual call point, generally referred to as an MCP, is the point in a building where a switch used manually to trigger a fire alarm. It requires human intervention. An alarm is activated by the use of heat detectors and smoke detectors in the automatic fire alarm system.

Manual call points switches are used along with the automatic alarm system. Manual call points are used to initiate an alarm and operate either by pressing a simple button or by revealing a button when a glass is broken. The monitoring unit will have an indicator for visual indication to easily locate the call point.

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Types of manual call point

Some of the common types of manual call points include

Pull Station

The manual device is activated by pulling a lever. The pulling lever can be designed to have a single action mechanism or dual-action mechanism. In dual-action types, the user has to lift up first then pull down, which discourages mishandling. The device can only be restored to its original position with a special key tool. 

manual call point in Dubai
Manual Call Point

Manual Call Point

It is made of a plastic enclosure with a plate that will drop down when pushed. When the element is pushed, it will complete a circuit that notifies the fire alarm system of the zone or exact location where it is activated. Like its fire alarm pull station counterparts, it can only be restored to its original position with a special key tool.

Manual Call Point in Dubai
Manual Call Point

Manual Call Point/Pull Station with Cover

This is a manual call point/pull station covered with a plastic cover. This creates a two-step process which discourages mishandling and false alarm. 

Manual Call Point in Dubai
Manual Call Point

Hazardous Area Explosion Proof / Intrinsically Safe Manual Call Point

This type of manual call point is used in explosion-prone areas such as oil refinery, nuclear plant or chemical factory where the device itself needs to be sturdy and waterproof to retain its function in case of emergency. The enclosure is often made with GRP or aluminum, and it is sealed with an IP rating of IP66 or IP67 in order to be certified. Because of the special application, it can be installed outdoor or in dusty areas. The device is also modified so that the energy entering the device cannot generate enough heat to start ignition.

As with most fire alarm system devices, manual Fire alarm call points used in the context of fire emergency would be color-coded in red. In other instances, such as access control or other non-fire related matters, colors such as green, yellow or blue may be used.

A simple guideline of color is listed as below:

Red – Fire System
Orange – Smoke & Vent Control
Green – Emergency Door Exit / Access Control / Lift & Escalator Control
Yellow – Suppression System Activation / General Evacuation

Manual Call point in Dubai
Manual Call point


What is Manual Call Points?

The manual call points are used to trigger a warning signal and work by pushing a simple button or revealing a button when the glass is broken. They can form part of an automated alarm system or a manual alarm system.

how to use manual call point?

Manual call points are used to initiate an alarm signal, and operate by means of a simple button press or when glass is broken revealing a button.

When should a manual call point be activated?

A manual call point is a device that enables personnel to raise an alarm in the event of a fire incident by pressing a frangible element to activate the alarm system. A fire alarm call point should be installed at a height of 1.4m above floor level at easily accessible and conspicuous positions.

Where is the manual call point located?

An important point for manual call point is the placement in the building. It should be clearly visible (red color), at an easily accessible height level and at intervals where the person detecting the fire does not have to run too far to activate the call point.

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