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Deluge System in Dubai

Deluge System

Deluge systems in Dubai. Deluge systems are systems in which all sprinklers connected to the water piping system are open, in that the heat sensing operating element is removed, or specifically designed as such. These systems are used for special hazards where rapid fire spread is a concern, as they provide a simultaneous application of water over the entire hazard. They are sometimes installed in personnel egress paths or building openings to slow travel of fire (e.g., openings in a fire-rated wall).

Deluge systems in Dubai, systems are connected to a water supply through a deluge valve that is opened by the operation of a smoke or heat detection system. The detection system is installed in the same area as the sprinklers. When the detection system is activated water discharges through all of the sprinkler heads in the system. Deluge systems are used in places that are considered high hazard areas such as power plants, aircraft hangars and chemical storage or processing facilities. Deluge systems are needed where high velocity suppression is necessary to prevent fire spread.

deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai
deluge fire sprinkler system in dubai

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems differ from conventional Fire Sprinkler Systems in the sense that all nozzles employed in the system are open and when water is released into the system it flows from all discharge devices. As such, this special type of system is generally found within industrial type hazards that require the application of water over a large hazard or area. The control of water is accomplished by the use of a Deluge Valve which is a device that prevents water from entering the system piping until required. A detection system which may incorporate the use of heat, smoke, or flame detectors is used to open the Deluge Valve when a fire or its products of combustion are detected