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Fit Out Fire Protection

fire protection for fit out works Dubai, UAE

Fit Out Fire Protection

Red Blue Flame Fire safety and Security Systems LLC is the leading fire system provider in UAE. We provide fire protection services to small and large scale, residential and commercial Fit Outs of new office/building layouts in Dubai, Sharjah and all over UAE.

Fire Equipment Fit out works involve making sure buildings are safe from fires when they’re being set up or renovated. Whether it’s offices, shops, or restaurants, we evaluate the fire risks, design solutions, and install equipment like alarms, sprinklers, and fire-resistant walls. We are doing all types of fire system installation or update as part of the fit-out process for office buildings, industrial facilities, retail stores, restaurants, and other constructions.

Fire installation services Dubai

We are Offering Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance of Fire safety Equipments in Dubai as per Civil defence requirement. Being a Grade A, Civil defence approved fire safety company, Our team is fully equipped to handle projects and Fit-out works.

We provide supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire safety equipment in Dubai in accordance with civil defense requirements. We are providing Supply and installation of new fire alarm and firefighting system with free one-year annual maintenance contract.

Installation of fire systems in villas

Installing fire systems in villas is an important step in ensuring the safety of residents and protecting property from potential fire incidents. The process involves strategically positioning and integrating various fire safety components according to the specific characteristics of villa.

These fire safety precautions must be installed professionally and maintained on a regular basis to remain effective. installation of fire systems in villas provides residents with peace of mind and enhances community safety by reducing the dangers associated with fire events.

Starting from January 1, 2024, villa homeowners in the UAE are required to install fire and smoke alarms in their properties. Additionally, they must subscribe to the UAE alert system, Hassantuk.

Fire protection for fit out works

Fit-out works begin with gaining permission from the licensing authority to set up your space and continue until you have your occupancy certificate and are ready to meet with potential clients. Our own fit-out team handles all our projects. When it comes to Fire Equipment Fit Outs, we make sure to follow the rules and make sure our fit-out work aligns with the rules set by Civil Defense.

We are providing Special discount for annual maintenance contract and all kinds of fire fit out works starting from 1000 Aed. We are offering full Fire Equipment Fit out works, ensuring that your interior spaces are not only aesthetically beautiful but also equipped to handle any potential fire hazards.