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fm 200 fire suppression system in Dubai

We supply installation of  FM 200 fire suppression system in Dubai. Blue flame firefighting is a leading supplier of FM 200 fire suppression system in Dubai . we are also doing refilling and maintenance of FM 200 fire suppression system in UAE .


  1. Design
  2. supply ( various brands according to the budget of  our clients)
  3. installation
  4. Testing and commissioning  with Dubai Civil Difence approved installation certificate 
  5. Maintenance
  6. Room Integrity Test ( By retrofit certified technicians ) 
  7.  Fm 200 Refilling 
  1. Design

when we get inquiry for FM 200 system installation for any kind server room Dubai and other emirates of UAE  such as  in schools , hospitals , offices , clubs and other buildings , we will send our engineers to the site to take site measurements, based on the site conditions we recommends for the the ceiling  or to make the room properly enclosed . according to the size of the room we calculate optimum cylinder capacity . also if necessary for the  drawing we will take Dubai civil defense approval.  contact us for an appoint to discuss the right solution for your fire protection needs

2. Installation 

Our installation team will do the fire  piping works and cable works to install the control panel for Fm 200 system or any other clean agent systems also ( according to the client requirements )

 3. Testing and commissioning .

we test test the installed system and our technicians will do the commissioning of FM 200 systems. we also provide installation and supply certificates if necessary.

4. Maintenance  

as we take annual maintenance for fire alarm and fire fighting equipment in Dubai , we also take maintenance of Fm 200 systems

5.Room Integrity Test

we provide room integrity test for installed FM 200 systems . also we are also providing as  third party certificate for  existing FM 200 systems installed all over UAE

6. Fm 200 Refilling 

we are collecting FM 200 cylinders from the hotels, offices , schools  and do the refilling services at very competitive rate . kindly contact us or call us in Mobile:052-8078039.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantages of FM 200 systems?

The main advantage of fm 200 system is a small quantity of suppressing agent is required to extinguish the fire

Where I can buy FM 200 systems in Dubai?

At blueflame fire fighting, we supply all kinds of clean agent systems including FM 200 systems

Are you providing design and installation for FM 200 system?

Yes, we do provide the design and installation of FM 200 systems in Dubai as well as in African countries

What are other applications of FM 200 system ?

Fm 200 is best suitable for electrical panel rooms, Control Rooms such as lift machine control room ,plant Room etc.

Are doing refilling of FM 200 ?

Yes, we are doing FM 200 refilling in Dubai at low rate.

Which fire suppression system is better for IT server Room ?

Gaseous fire suppression systems are used in IT Server rooms like fm 200 ,novec 1230

How safe is fm 200 systems ?

Fm 200 suppression is found as an active compound propellant in medical inhaler

WE PROVIDE COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR FM 200 systems ( clean agent systems) in Dubai , Sharjah , Ajman , Abudhabi.  our entire solutions include the following.contact us or call us in mobile +971528078039. please visit our Resources page

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